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OpenBuilds C-Beam CNC Machine

  • $ 699.99

The C-Beam Machine® (assembly required) is a CNC machine designed to be suitable for cutting custom plates and other projects in harder materials.

The C-Beam® Machine is based on the popular V-Slot® linear guide system and uses OpenBuilds C-Beam®, the stiffest V-slot rail to date for its linear actuators. The C-Beam® design incorporates a C-shaped profile and a lead screw based motion system, which gives added strength and functionality. With the correct end mills and settings, the C-Beam® Machine is capable of cutting and milling materials such as:

  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • Oak and other hardwoods
  • Plexi-Glass
  • Delrin
  • HDPE
  • Foam
  • Any much more!


The C-Beam machine is modular and based on opensource hardware and design plans, making it easy to modify and configure the machine based on your own needs!


 Travel (Work Area) X Axis    13.5" (350mm)
Y Axis    11" (280mm)
Z Axis     3.5" (~85mm) 
Overall Machine Base Footprint 21.5" x 20" (546mm x 500mm)
Workable Material Height 1.25" (~31mm) Based on a 1/2" spoiler board stack
Drive System: Lead Screw Driven
Machine Accuracy 0.001"~0.003" (0.05mm~0.10mm)
Compatible materials for cutting/milling Aluminum, Softwoods/Hardwoods, Acrylic/Plexi-glass, Delrin, HDPE, Foam, and more


Bundle Includes (depending on options selected):

  • Complete parts list
  • We have our OpenBuilds CNC Bundles shipped to our customers directly from OpenBuilds' warehouse so that our customers always receive the most up to date versions of the kits and components!

Options Details:

Other Items Needed (Sold Separately):

  • (1) Spoiler Board H 1/2" (13mm),  W 12" (304mm), L 12" (304mm)
  • (1) Dewalt DWP611 Router (or another suitable spindle/router and compatible mount)
  • Assorted end mills/router bits
  • Appropriate control software (Openbuilds has free control options available here). 

Assembly Instructions and Videos:


Available Upgrades:




J Tech Photonics All-in-One Laser and Mounting Kit Bundle for OpenBuilds CNC Machines 

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