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X-Large OpenBuilds C-Beam Machine

  • $ 97999

The X-Large C-Beam Machine (assembly required) gives you the ability to do plate making, sign making and more on a larger scale. The X-Large C-Beam machine comes with (optional) OpenBuilds' High Torque NEMA 23 motors and uses two stepper motors on the Y-Axis for handling larger heavier loads.

The X-large C-Beam® Machine is based on the popular V-Slot® linear guide system and uses the stiffest V-slot rail to date for its linear actuators. The C-Beam® design incorporates a C-shaped profile and a lead screw based motion system, which gives added strength and functionality. With the correct endmills and settings, the X-large C-Beam® Machine is capable of cutting and milling materials such as:

  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • Oak and other hardwoods
  • Plexi-Glass
  • Delrin
  • HDPE
  • Foam
  • Any many many more!


The X-Large C-Beam Machine is modular and based on opensource hardware and design plans making it easy to modify and configure the machine based on your own needs!

X-Large C-Beam Machine Specs:

  • Travel along the X-Axis is ~700mm (29.5")
  • Travel along the Y-Axis is ~330mm (13") 
  • Travel along the Z-Axis is ~50mm (2") (Actual working depth is 1")

Bundle Includes:

Additional Parts Needed (Sold Separately):

  • (1) Driver Board - OpenBuilds recommends the Smoothieboard with DQ542MA drivers
  • (1) 24V Power Supply 
  • (1) Bosch Colt Router Spindle
  • Appropriate endmills and/or router bits

Assembly Instructions and videos


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