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Jog Knob

  • $ 495

Designed as a dual purpose part, this can be used as a hand wheel (jog knob) or a even a wheel hub!

Use this knob to manually fine tune your machines positions. For instance you can jog over close to the starting point of a job and then use the knob to set the bit to the material.

Has 4 threaded (M5) holes that allow for adding a simple aluminum spacer and screw to create a jog handle (see pic) The knob also has a knurled grip so no handle is necessary.

Also an interesting mention is that this knob doubles as mounting hub for projects that may require a wheel hub. Using the four M5 tapped holes, one can quickly attach this knob to a variety of applications.

  • 8mm bore
  • Aluminum (Black)
  • Knurled grip
  • Includes Dual set screws (M5 x 4mm)
  • Can be used with or without a handle

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