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Router11 Router for OpenBuilds CNC Kits - 110v/60Hz

  • $ 149.99

***limited availability***

The RoutER11 is a one of kind, groundbreaking design upgrade over a standard router by incorporating high quality features.


The Router11 is ready to take on all of your CNC tasks and projects with its precise ER11 Collet, high-quality NSK bearings, powerful 1HP motor, and ESC-Constant Speed control system. The Router11 is easy to use, affordable and produces precise, quality cuts. 

Product Features:

  • 6-Speed dial for fine tuning RPM
  • ESC-Constant Speed Control System (maintains a consistent speed regardless of the resistance.)
  • ER11 Collet with wide range of bits support - 0.020" to 0.3125" [ Includes ER11 Collets 1/8", 1/4", 3mm, 6mm]
  • Super low runout


  • (1) RoutER11
  • (1) ER11 Type A Nut
  • (4) ER11 Collets 1/8", 1/4", 3mm, 6mm
  • (1) Router Reduction Sleeve (71mm to 65mm)
  • (1) Nut Wrench
  • (2) Sets of Brushes
  • (1) User Manual

Product Specifications:

  • Collet Type:                   ER11
  • Voltage:                        110V/60Hz US
  • Power:                           1 HP Motor
  • Operating Speed:         10K - 32k RPM US
  • Mounting diameter:    65mm (includes reduction sleeve for use with the OpenBuilds Router/Spindle mount.
  • Long 9' power cord with Snap-On Ferrite RFI EMI Noise Filter Suppressor
  • NSK 6003 Bearings

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