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Taulman3D Ninja SemiFlex filament

  • $ 5200

NinjaFlex 3D Filament, SemiFlexSemiFlex material boasts flexibility, strength and reliability for your 3D printing projects and is slightly more rigid than NinjaFlex to expand your printing possibilities.
SemiFlex is best for the following types of projects:
High level of detail
Contain intricate parts
High resolution text
Unsupported vertical printing
Shock-absorption needed
Requires less flexibility than NinjaFlex original 3D Filament

0.5 Kg (1.75mm) or 0.75Kg (2.85mm) spools

 NinjaFlex SemiFlex                                                               
Recommended Extrustion Temperature: 220°C - 230°C
Recommended Print Speed 30mm/s
Recommended Nozzle size: Any Size

Recommended Retraction Settings:

.5mm per 0.1mm of nozzle diameter

(ie. 2.5mm retraction when using a 0.5mm diameter nozzle)

Recommended Print Surface:

Surface heated to 20-50°C


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