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Taulman3D In-PLA filament

  • $ 4600

The new Industrial PLA known as In-PLA from Taulman3D is a true advancement in PLA 3D Printing material.  With a new formulation, the color and clarity of natural In-PLA is a clear material rather than the yellowish colors users have been printing with for years.  A major advantage of PLA is it's low shrinkage specification.  This allows PLA to be used where mechanical Form/Fit is a requirement in initial part design.  A major disadvantage has been the brittle characteristic of standard PLA.  While parts have good shape, they are prone to shatter when dropped, similar to glass. This is due to an extremely small elongation. 

In-PLA provides the following advancements:

  1. Increased tensile to 10,000PSI
  2. Increased Elongation
  3. Increased Heat Deflection Temp
  4. Correct color properties

    As noted above, In-PLA has a higher Elongation and as such can be used in more and more applications where both mechanical stress and thermal stress are in play.

Potential uses:

  • As a replacement for any parts currently printed using standard PLA.
  • Architectural Prints
  • Collectibles
  • Figurines
  • Cases/Phone cases
  • Desk utility
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Wearable fashion

1 kg (2.2 lb.) spools

Recommended Extrustion Temperature: 207°C - 212°C
Recommended Nozzle size: Any Size

Recommended Print Speed:

Equivalent to ABS speeds

Recommended Retraction Settings:

0.5mm per 0.1mm of nozzle diameter

(ie. 5mm retraction when using a 0.5mm diameter nozzle)

Recommended Print Surface:

Hot - Glass heated to 70°C with a coat of PVA glue


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