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Taulman3D TECH-G PETG Filament

Taulman3D TECH-G PETG Filament

  • $ 36.00

TECH-G A high strength easy to print PETG. 6,000PSI tensile and 3% elongation at break. Prints at 240°C. 

1 kg spool 

Recommended Extrustion Temperature: 238°C - 245°C
Recommended Nozzle size: Any Size

Recommended Print Speed:

Equivalent to regular ABS speeds, slower for highly detailed prints.

Recommended Retraction Settings:

0.5mm per 0.1mm of nozzle diameter

(ie. 2.5mm retraction when using a 0.5mm diameter nozzle)

Recommended Print Surface:

Hot - GeckoTEK EZ-STIK HOT or glass heated to 45°C with a coat of PVA glue. NOTE: It is best "NOT" to let the bed cool to ambient, but only down to 35°C in end of g-code. This will reduce the likelihood of glass breakage.

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