We accept Bitcoin!

MakerTechStore accepts bitcoin for payment through Coinbase. Coinbase has been in operation since June 2012, has over 9.2 million users, and is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges around.

New users to Coinbase can earn $10 in bitcoin FREE, when they open a new account and purchase at least $100 in bitcoin by using our referral link below. $100 is also the perfect amount to spend at MakerTechStore to qualify for free shipping! Paying in digital currency saves us payment processing fees, and MakerTechStore wants to pass those savings onto you! Therefore, all orders paid with bitcoin through Coinbase will automatically receive an additional 2% savings off the total cost. These savings are in addition to any current discount codes at checkout!

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Note: Coinbase has several layers of security for your protection when opening an account. Initial bitcoin purchases can take a day or so to clear and be available to spend in your coinbase account. If you are in a rush for your order it may take a few days before you can start making payments with bitcoin.