20mm-Series Adjustable Hinge/Bracket

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These adjustable brackets are a great addition to the OpenBuilds modular building system, allowing you to easily create angled connections throughout your builds. They can also function as light duty hinges. They are sized to work with OpenBuilds' V-Slot, C-Beam, or other 20mm-series extrusions. They also feature break away alignment tabs to allow for greater flexibility and multiple mounting configurations.

Use with 8mm long Low Profile M5 Screws and T-nuts when mounting them to the slotted sides of the extrusion. If you are attaching the hinge/bracket to the ends of an extrusion we recommend a Low Profile M5 Screw at least 10mm long for connecting to extrusions taped with M5 threads. Alternatively, you can also use OpenBuilds' Low Profile Self Tapping Screws if the ends have not been threaded.

(A single 9mm wide Aluminum Spacer will fit between the "ears" of the hinge and can be used to help reinforce the area so it it less likely to break from overtightening the screw.)

Product Details:

  • Qty. 1
  • 20x20x27mm
  • M5 (5mm) Mounting Hole
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Color: Natural/Silver

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