F688ZZ Flanged Bearing

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This bearing is similar to the 688Z bearing commonly used with the 8mm Acme Treaded Rods and C-Beam End Mounts. The main difference is that it has an 18mm wide flange on one side, allowing it to be seated against any plate with just a 16mm hole without falling through. This eliminates the need for using a recessed hole to keep the bearing with straight sides in place. These can also be stacked in sets of 2 to create a rimmed bearing to keep belts from sliding off the surface similar to the Smooth Idler Pulley Wheels.

Product Details

  • Qty. 1
  • ABEC 1
  • Bore: 8mm
  • OD: 16mm
  • Flange: OD 18mm
  • Flange Thickness: ~1.08mm
  • Overall Width: 5mm
  • Bearing Steel


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