Capricorn XS Series - Ultra-Low Friction PTFE Tubing - 1.75mm

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Tighter internal diameter and high performance additives make this the perfect bowden tubing for flexible and high temperature applications!


Capricorn's XS Series PTFE tubing has become a popular upgrade for 3D printers using a "Bowden-style" extruder, where the motor is mounted on the frame of the printer and the filament is pushed through a long Teflon (PTFE) tube over to the nozzle.  Capricorn XS Series tubing is made from the highest quality pure virgin Japanese PTFE, and formed using a paste extrusion process with proprietary additives which lowers the coefficient of friction and increase the temperature resistance of the material. This additive also makes the tubing dark blue and opaque.

Most standard PTFE bowden tubing on the market has an internal diameter of 2-2.1mm for use with 1.75mm diameter filament. In the early days of 3D printing the 2mm internal diameter was found to be a good size as most of the plastic filament manufacturers out there were used to producing filaments where the shape and diameter of the filament were not of great concern (ie. string trimmer line). As such the diameter and ovality of 3D printing filament could vary widely throughout the spool. As 3D printing has become increasingly popular, filament manufacturing has matured considerably and the tolerances/accuracy of 3d filament has greatly improved. Capricorn XS tubing has a nominal internal diameter of 1.9mm. Switching to a bowden tube with a smaller internal diameter can significantly reduce the extruder lag (hysteresis) seen in a Bowden-style system caused by the excess "wiggle room" left in the tube. This backlash/lag is seen in both advancing and retracting the filament. This smaller diameter also helps when printing very flexible filaments, because there is less room for the filament to bind up inside the tube. The lower friction coefficient of XS tubing also allows any filament to glide through the tube much easier.



  • Made with High Quality Pure Virgin PTFE with lubricity additives.
  • Tighter internal diameter reduces the lag (hysteresis) inherent in a Bowden style extruder and results in a more responsive extrusion.
  • Increased lubricity and tighter internal tolerances allows for reduced retraction distances and increased retraction speeds. This can significantly reduce the time to complete 3D print jobs that contain hundreds or thousands of retractions.
  • High performance additives make XS series tubing more resistant to high temperatures than PTFE alone.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty when correctly installed and used as a Bowden tube for 3D printing.
  • Sold in 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, or 3000mm lengths. For longer lengths contact us directly. M6 and M10 fittings are also available here.



  • Color:  Dark Blue
  • Density (kg/m3):     2300 +/-100
  • Hardness:    60-65
  • Inner Diameter(mm):   1.90 +/- 0.05
  • Outer Diameter (mm):  3.95 +/- 0.05
  • Linear Thermal Expansion at 250 °C:     2.2-3.3%
  • Roundness (ϵ):      < 0.1
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k):   0.25
  • Wear Rate (gm/s):    0.01
  • Young's Modulus (GPa)¥:    0.53


NOTE: PTFE should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 260°C. as it can breakdown and emit toxic fumes. On Hotend designs where the PTFE tube enters the heaterblock or butts up right against the nozzle, we recommend limiting the nozzle temperature to 240-250°C when printing due to the variations in the accuracy and placement of thermistors(temperature sensors) used in 3d printing. If you are using a hotend that has a bowden tube but keeps the tube out of the melt zone, such as the Micro Swiss all-metal hotends this will not be a concern. Read more on PTFE safety concerns here

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