ComposiMold Clear Casting Plastic

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Clear Casting Plastic is an easy to use, 2 part, low viscosity, epoxy resin that mixes 1:1 by volume. Making real plastic parts is easy with Clear Casting Plastic and ComposiMold.

  • Epoxy resin
  • Crystal clear
  • Can be colored with food coloring, resin dyes, and acrylic or oil based paints
  • 80D Shore hardness
  • 45 Minutes working time
  • Low viscosity
  • Mix 1 part A : 1 part B (by volume)
  • Available in 8 ox. and 16 oz. sizes

DIRECTIONS: For crystal clear, bubble-free castings, slowly and thoroughly mix Part A with Part B in equal proportions. Slowly pour into your ComposiMold mold that has been lightly coated in ComposiMold’s Vegetable Oil-Mold Release.

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