Double Tee Nut

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You can use these double tee nuts just like you would a standard tee nut to make any connection that you need anywhere along the length of the V-Slot track!

These can be used to connect sections of V-slot end-to-end, though we recommend the new and stronger Quad Tee Nut for heavy duty applications. 

They are also suitable for use on the underside of gantry plates and other applications where their is not enough clearance for a M5 Locknut.

Double tee nuts are compatible with any M5 threaded screw or with M5*4mm Set Screws (not included)

  • M5 Thread Size
  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Use with 10mm wide slot (V-Slot)
  • Use with M5x4mm set screws or standard OpenBuilds M5 screws

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