Inside/Outside Corner Bracket

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This inside/outside corner bracket used in conjunction with the OpenBuilds Modular Building system allows for numerous design possibilities!

These are the same inside/outside corner brackets used in the OpenBuilds Modular Table series, but it doesn’t stop there. These can be used in many ways. Explore the possibilities.


Product Features:

  • Can be used to connect/brace extrusions on either/both the inside or outside of 90° corners.
  • Provides corner protection to perpendicular V-Slot placing.
  • Can improve shop comfort/safety by eliminating sharp 90° angles when used on the outside of corner connections.
  • Compatible with OpenBuilds V-Slot and C-Beam linear rails, as well as other 20mm series extrusions.



  • (1) Inside / Outside Corner Bracket



  • Height:           20mm, 40mm, 60mm, or 80mm (depending on selection)
  • Width:            56mm
  • Thickness:      3mm
  • Material:        Aluminum
  • Finish:            Black Anodizing

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