M5 T-studs

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Add accessories quickly and easily to your V-slot based assemblies with these handy drop-in T-studs!


These M5 threaded T-studs are great for adding additional parts or accessories to your V-slot based projects. The T-studs feature a head design similar to Drop in T-nuts allowing them to easily be installed onto V-slot (or 20mm series T-slot) extrusions without disassembly. The T-studs slip right in the extrusion slot, and when turned 90° during tightening, lock into place so that they can not be pulled back out of the slot. Once loosened they can easily be rotated back to remove the stud from the extrusion. This can be especially beneficial when adding temporary or removable accessories to extrusions, as you don't have to worry about a standard T-nut sliding out of position, or drop-in T-nuts falling out of the extrusion and getting lost. It also can simplify the process of attaching components as the length of the t-stud is usually not critical, as opposed to using traditional T-nuts where using too long of a screw can cause the screw to bottom out in the extrusion slot.



  • Material:                     Carbon Steel
  • Threads:                      M5
  • Head length:              10.5mm
  • Head Width:               6mm
  • Threaded Length:      Available in  12mm, 16mm, 20mm, or 25mm stud lengths


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