Nut Plate for 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw

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This V-Slot Acme Nut Plate is a perfect fit for any integrated acme screw transmission project. It can fit into the hollow inserts of 20x40, 20x60 and 20x80 V-Slot. You can use the OpenBuilds self tapping screws to mount these into the end holes of V-Slot. Many new and exciting projects are sure to surface using this integrated transmission component!

  • Tr8*8(p2) Metric Acme Threads
  • Pitch = 2mm
  • Starts = 4
  • Lead = 8mm

Use in conjunction with the 8mm Metric Lead Screw

NOTE: The Nut Block can be very tight to ensure that there is little play. So you may need to 'seat' the Nut Block so that it run smoothly.

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