PC4-M10x0.9 Fittings for 1.75mm Bowden Tubing (straight through design)

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This size fitting is used in the Creality CR-10 and Ender series for the hotend/nozzle side of the Bowden tube These fittings have an internal diameter of 4.1mm and are designed to allow the tube to pass all the way through the fitting and down into the hotend in the stock Creality design. They are also spring loaded to help keep the tube locked into place whether you use an additional C-clip or not.



  • Wrench size:               10mm
  • Threads:                      M10x0.9mm
  • Internal diameter:      ~4.1mm
  • Overall Length:           ~19.2mm
  • Weight:                        ~5.3g
  • Sized for 1.75mm filament Bowden tubing

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