PC4-M6 Fittings for 1.75mm Bowden Tubing

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M6 is one of the most popular sizes for 4mm Bowden Tube fittings today. This size is used in the Creality CR-10 and Ender series on the motor/extruder side These fittings are spring loaded to help keep the tube locked into place whether you use an additional C-clip or not. These fittings have an internal step that does not allow the PTFE to slide completely through to the other side. 

Note: These fittings are will not fit on Creality 3D printers that come with Bondtech extruders (ie. the CR-10MAX) The Bondtech Extruders use a fitting with a different thread pitch (G1/8)


  • Wrench size:               10mm
  • Threads:                      M6x1mm
  • Internal diameter:      ~4.1mm
  • Overall length:            ~20.4mm
  • Weight:                          ~4.4g  
  • Sized for 1.75mm filament Bowden tubing (color may vary, current selection is silver colored with a white top)

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