ComposiMold Easy Mold Making Kit

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ComposiMold’s Easy Mold Making Kit contains everything a beginner mold maker will need to mold and duplicate original clay sculptures into paintable plaster art! ComposiMold’s greatest advantage is its re-usability and with this kit crafters and non-crafters alike will have the ability to use and re-use the material, encouraging experimentation without worrying about making mistakes! Sculpt a shape, make a ComposiMold mold, and duplicate in paintable ComposiStone Hard Plaster with all of the included materials. The creative possibilities for these plaster castings are endless; pendants, magnets, game pieces and more!
  • 6 oz. (171g) - ComposiMold. About a cupful, enough for simple shapes, and experimenting. 100% reusable flexible rubber mold making material.
  • 4 oz.(114g) - ComposiStone Hard Plaster. Make hard, paintable shapes from your artwork.
  • 2 oz. (57g) -  Modeling Clay (colors vary). Non-hardening clay can be used over and over to make lots of small, unique shapes.

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