Aluminum End Caps

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Add a finishing touch to your V-Slot® project with these black anodized aluminum end caps.


These caps can help to eliminate sharp exposed edges on your project, as well as help to keep sliding T-Nuts from falling out of the extrusion channels when moving things around.

Available in 20mm x 20mm, and 20mm x 40mm sizes, they can be mix and matched to cap off any exposed ends on the OpenBuilds'® V-slot® or C-Beam® Extrusions. The caps can be mounted by using either the Low Profile M5 screws in a threaded hole, or using the Low Profile Self Tapping Screws on an untapped extrusion.

The single 20mmx20mm caps include a recessed hole for a flush mount.

Note: If you prefer a silver color end cap, the 2-hole and 3-hole joining strips can be used similar to the double end cap. The joining strips are slightly narrower in width than the V-slot extrusions, will leave a slightly raised edge, and have sharper corners. They are also 1mm thicker than the end caps.

  • Size:                 20 x 20mm or 20mm x 40mm
  • Thickness:        ~3mm
  • Material:          Aluminum
  • Finish:              Smooth polish
  • Color:               Black

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