HydroSupport - Water Soluble Support Material

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HydroSupport is intended to be used as a dissolvable support material on 3D printers that can print multiple materials during a single print. HydroSupport is intended to be used in conjunction with PLA based filaments and may not stick to other materials during the printing process. HydroSupport dissolves completely in water and is much easier to print with than plain PVA filament. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only needs to be soaked a few hours to easily work supports off by hand, or 2 - 12 hours to dissolve completely. The process can be sped up further by using warm water and agitation, such as using a heated ultrasonic tank. 

HydroSupport is non-toxic, meaning it can be rinsed down the drain without harming the environment or wildlife. HydroSupport has a high tensile strength and feels like PLA when printing is complete. Use it as a support material to print large overhangs, intricate inner geometry, and deep cavities.

NOTE: Because HydroSupport breaks down in water, it is sensitive to high levels of humidity in the air. For best results store unused HydroSupport filament in a sealed container with desiccant. 

Recommended Print Settings

Extruder: 215° - 230° C 
Build plate: 45° - 60° C 
Speeds: Start with your favorite PLA settings and adjust accordingly
Retraction Distance: 1 - 10 mm 
Retraction Speed: 20 mm/s

Every 3D printer is a little different, so please experiment a bit to dial in your ideal settings before starting a large project. When using soluble support material setting your slicer to create solid interference layers and reducing the verticle gap between the supports and rest of the 3D model to 0.00mm helps with adhesion and surface finish. HydroSupport will commonly ooze more than PLA. If you have the option of using an ooze shield and purge tower when using dual extrusion, please do.


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