M3 Metric Cap Head screws 30mm and 45mm lengths

M3 Cap Head Screws

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M3 Cap-head screws available in 30mm and 45mm lengths.

Nema 17 threaded rod plate motor mount example

 The 45mm long screws are often used in combination with 1.5" Aluminum Spacers to mount Nema 17 Stepper Motors in a stand off position using the Nema 17 Threaded Rod Plate.



Nema 17 motor mount bracket example
The 30mm long screws are often used when mounting a Nema 17 motor to the OpenBuilds' Linear Actuator End Mount

Product Details:

  • Quantity:               1 ((sold individually for your convenience)
  • Thread Pitch:         M3 x 0.8mm threads
  • Wrench Size:         Hex/Allen Head 2.5mm
  • Finish:                    Black Oxide

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