Router / Spindle Mount

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Secure your router or spindle to your CNC machine with this thick and hefty mount! 


Compatible with 71mm diameter routers such as the Bosch Colt 1HP model (Note: will not fit the 1.25hp version) or Dewalt DWP611. The adjustable faceplate will accommodate slight size variations for a secure hold. The OpenBuilds 71mm mount is also compatible with the new 65mm diameter OpenBuilds Router11 router using the Router11's included reduction sleeve.  The mount has pre-tapped holes for various mounting configurations, and also for optional attachments such as the OpenBuilds LED Light Ring.

We've recently added similar mounts made to fit routers/spindles of 52mm, 65mm, or 80mm in diameter as well.

These mounts are similar in design and have identical tapped screw holes and mounting positions to attach the same way as the genuine OpenBuilds 71mm mount and accept most of the same accessories. (Note: the OpenBuilds Spindle/Router LED light Ring is NOT compatible with the 80mm diameter mount as the diameter of the light ring's opening is only 72mm. The 80mm diameter mount is also a few millimeters longer and wider than the other diameter mounts.)



  • (1) Back mount plate
  • (1) Front mount plate
  • (2) 20mm x M5 Low Profile Screws

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