Router11 Router for OpenBuilds CNC Kits - 110v/60Hz

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***Limited availability. Due to popular demand, the RoutER11 is available as an option on machine bundles only. Please contact us if you would like to add one to your CNC bundle***

The RoutER11 is a one of kind, groundbreaking design upgrade over a standard router by incorporating high quality features.


The Router11 is ready to take on all of your CNC tasks and projects with its precise ER11 Collet, high-quality NSK bearings, powerful 1HP motor, and ESC-Constant Speed control system. The Router11 is easy to use, affordable and produces precise, quality cuts. 

Product Features:

  • 6-Speed dial for fine tuning RPM
  • ESC-Constant Speed Control System (maintains a consistent speed regardless of the resistance.)
  • ER11 Collet with wide range of bits support - 0.020" to 0.3125" [ Includes ER11 Collets 1/8", 1/4", 3mm, 6mm]
  • Super low runout


  • (1) RoutER11
  • (1) ER11 Type A Nut
  • (4) ER11 Collets 1/8", 1/4", 3mm, 6mm
  • (1) Router Reduction Sleeve (71mm to 65mm)
  • (1) Nut Wrench
  • (2) Sets of Brushes
  • (1) User Manual

Product Specifications:

  • Collet Type:                   ER11
  • Voltage:                        110V/60Hz US
  • Power:                           1 HP Motor
  • Operating Speed:         10K - 32k RPM US
  • Mounting diameter:    65mm (includes reduction sleeve for use with the OpenBuilds Router/Spindle mount.
  • Long 9' power cord with Snap-On Ferrite RFI EMI Noise Filter Suppressor
  • NSK 6003 Bearings

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