Plastic Tubing Cutter

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Get a clean square cut on your PTFE tubing with this handy plastic tubing cutter!


For printers using PTFE bowden tubes (or filament guide tubes) it is important to make sure the PTFE tube is end is cut square so that it seals properly against the fitting/nozzle. Tubing that does not have a square end can allow softened plastic to ooze into the slight gap created at the sealing surface. This can lead to molten filament oozing out of the hotend, or solidifying along the internal filament path causing extruder jams. This handy tubing cutter can easily and accurately cut a square end on PTFE tubing used for 1.75mm or 3mm filament. It can also be used to cut similar size polyurethane, PVC, or rubber tubing for other applications as well.

Note: To get a good clean cut it can help to place the tubing in the cutter and slowly lower the spring loaded blade down until it is resting on the surface of the tubing. Then quickly press down on the blade in one quick motion to perform the cut.


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