PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Storage Containers (5-pack)

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The ultimate storage solution to prevent your 3D printing filaments from absorbing moisture!

Often a new spool of filament will print very good when first removed from it's air tight package, but print quality can deteriorates after a few weeks/months (or hours/days with Nylon) in storage. Most 3D printing filaments (ABS, PLA, PETG, PETT, TPU, PC and especially Nylon) are hygroscopic materials, which have a strong affinity for moisture. Once removed from their original packaging, these filaments can readily begin to absorb moisture from the air. Even a small amount of moisture in the filament can cause streaks, bubbles, burning, brittleness, increased "stringing", and even a chemical reaction (hydrolysis) when the filament melts, passing through the heated nozzle. When this happens, the filament will make a popping/cracking/hissing sound and the 3D prints will have rough/grainy surface finish with reduced physical properties (less tensile and impact strength).

Many people use cheap resealable plastic bags to store their filament when not in use. The thin plastic on resealable bags is prone to developing small holes/tears, and the seals can often leak over time making them a poor choice for storage. The PrintDry vacuum seal-able filament storage system provides a convenient and effective way to protect your 3D printer filament with thick sturdy walls, 4 strong clamps, and a vacuum seal.  These containers are great for storing all filaments but are especially great for storing extremely moisture sensitive filaments like nylon, PVA, and water-soluble support materials. The 5-pack of stack-able containers means you can store several spools individually without exposing all your spools to ambient moisture every time you remove a spool like you would if they were all stored in 1 large container. These containers work great when combined with the PrintDry filament dryers.


How to use

Place your filament spool inside the container with some desiccant pouches. Put on the lid and align the tabs of the lid and the container, then engage the 4 strong clamps.
Take the vacuum pump and line up the bottom of the pump with the center of the vacuum valve on the container lid.  Pressing down gently on the pump, simply lift the plunger handle slowly until it reaches the top of the pump, and then push down on the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the pump. Repeat this up and down motion 15-20 times.*

To release the vacuum seal, simply place your index finger on the outside rim of the valve, and press it towards the center.


  • *Recommended: 15-20 pumps. Too many pumps may cause buckling.
  • *Release the vacuum and reapply at least once a month to prevent container base from buckling.
Includes:      Five (5) containers and one (1) manual vacuum pump (Filament spool not included)
Overall Container Size:  265mm (10.5") diameter x 115mm (4.5") high
Maximum Filament spool size:   205mm (8") diameter x 85mm(3.3") high

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