Rubber Feet/Bumpers Set (4-Pack)

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These rubber feet are the perfect companion for any build!


They will help keep your table free from scratches and prevent your machine from “walking around” while in operation. They can also help to quiet down machines by reducing the amount of vibration that is transferred to the surface they are sitting on.


  • Can be mounted at any point along the length of a V-Slot channel or on the ends of the extrusions
  • Lifts the extrusion/machine from the table which can aid in wire management



  • Base Diameter:      21mm/0.83"
  • Top Diameter:       18mm/0.70"
  • Height:                   10mm/0.39"
  • Hole Diameter:      4.5mm/0.17"
  • Material:                 Rubber
  • Color:                      Black

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