V-Slot™ 40x40 Linear Rail

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Rigid Gantries for Professional 3D Printers, plasma cutters, lasers cutters, stands, furniture, etc. are now possible!

  • V-Slot 40x40 is a profile based on the popular V-Slot linear guide system. A square profile gives added strength and functionality.
  • Since 40x40 is a product of the V-Slot line, all standard V-Slot parts and accessories are compatible! Of course, like V-Slot, every side of V-Slot 40x40 can be used a linear guide.
  • V-Slot 40x40 is available in 4 lengths; 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm or 1500mm
  • You can use V-Slot gantry plates as well as Black Angle Corner Connectors and Cube Corner Connectors to create quick gantry cart systems for V-Slot 40x40
  • You can even 3D Print your own parts to produce customized creations.
  • You can create stands for machines as well as functional furniture with limitless possibilities
  • V-Slot 40x40 is extremely modular which allows for practically unlimited mounting possibilities and build configurations.

V-Slot 40x40 is made with 6063 T-5 Aluminum and it has a beautiful, shiny, super smooth, clear finish. The finish is much shinier than standard profiles which allows for a smoother ride for the OpenBuilds V Wheels.V-Slot 40x40 Linear Rail is considered to be a 40mm x 40mm profile which is compatible with all V-Slot Parts and Accessories.

The ends of the V-slot are not pre-tapped for threads, but can be easily tapped with a M5 Threaded Drill/Tap.

V-Slot 40x40 Weights:

  • 250mm:      0.75 lbs. (.34Kg)
  • 500mm:      1.5 lbs. (.68Kg)
  • 1000mm:    2 lbs. 6 oz. (1.1Kg)
  • 1500mm:    3 lbs. 14 oz. (1.4Kg)

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