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V Wheel™ Kits

  • $ 499

The OpenBuilds STANDARD V Wheel Kits are great for use with any V Wheel Linear Guide System and they have a double v shape that allows for them to ride on the V-Slot™ as well as the OpenRail™

The OpenBuilds SOLID V Wheel kits are a stronger wheel design that resists side deflection due to it's solid nature and gives improved performance when used in the belt and pinion system to give the belt a flat surface to ride on. Solid V wheels are designed for use with just V-Slot extrusions and not OpenRail™

Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance. 

Each Wheel Kit Includes:

(1) V-Wheel or Solid V-Wheel
(2) Ball Bearings - 625 2RS
(2) 5mm Precision Shim
(1) Lock Nut with Nylon Insert

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