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Easy MAKE IT Chocolate is a variation of ComposiMold made specifically for use in making casts of chocolate. Easy MAKE IT Chocolate is certified Food Contact Safe, and more flexible than traditional ComposiMold formulas to prevent small and delicate parts from breaking off while removing items from the mold.

  • Very flexible for removing delicate items
  • Perfect for softer casting materials such as chocolate, fondant, gum paste, or other edible treats.
  • Perfect for cake decorating
  • Easy one-part system
  • Non Toxic and Biodegradable
  • Microwavable
  • Reusable over 35 times!

DIRECTIONS: Melt Easy MAKE IT Chocolate by heating it to 130ºF (55°C). (Do not exceed 200ºF/93°C) Spray Vegetable Oil Mold Release on the original object being molded and pour melted product over this part by at least 1/2”.Let your mold cool back to a flexible, rubbery, polymer. De-mold your original object by pull it out of the mold or cut the side of the mold and open it like a book. Pour in your casting material. Once solidied, remove from your mold.To re-use your mold all you have to do is remelt your mold and pour a new one!

Note: Using non-food safe materials can potentially contaminate Easy MAKE IT Chocolate during the molding/casting process rendering it no longer food contact safe. Only use Food Safe materials with Easy MAKE IT Chocolate.


We highly recommend using a non-contact infrared thermometer with ComposiMold products.

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