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Eccentric Spacers are the perfect solution for adjusting the clearance between the V-Wheels and the V-Slot™ rail. They are added to one side of a set of wheels on a gantry plate and can be turned with a wrench, moving the wheel in or out to adjust the spacing/clearance. 

The eccentric spacers give a total range of adjustment of approximately 0.79mm for a very strong and secure connection between the V-rail and wheel. The OpenBuilds Eccentric Spacers come with a divot on the outside which allows you to know at all times where the thinnest part of the cam hole is. Adjustments are made with a 10mm wrench for the "full" size eccentrics and an 8mm wrench for the "mini" size eccentrics. Openbuilds makes a nice compact 8mm spanner wrench that works great for getting into tight places and adjusting the "mini" eccentric spacers.

(Note: The "mini" sized spacers adjusted with a 8mm wrench can be used with the mini AND full sized v-wheels. OpenBuilds is phasing out the "full size" eccentric spacers and using the same "mini" version for both wheel sizes. We still have a few "full size" eccentric spacers in stock in both 6mm and 1/4 heights).

  • Stainless Steel
  • 8mm/10mm cam size
  • 6mm - 1/4" cam height
  • Rim fits into a 7.12mm hole
  • 5mm Bore
  • Quantity (1)

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