OpenBuilds 8mm Spanner Wrench

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This spanner wrench made by OpenBuilds is a handy tool for building and adjusting OpenBuilds based linear motion systems.

It's thin profile and 8mm open end make it easy to get into tight spaces and adjust the positioning on the eccentric spacers. It is also the correct size for tightening the standard M5 hex nuts used with OpenBuilds' wheel kits.

Note: OpenBuilds' has discontinued making the "Full-size" eccentric spacers. They now use the eccentric spacers originally designed for use with their "mini" wheel kits for all their designs/bundles. This wrench will fit the smaller eccentric spacers only. The older "full-size" design requires a 10mm wrench for adjustment.

Product Details:

  • Qty. 1
  • 85mm x 18mm x 3mm
  • M8 closed and open end
  • Steel
  • Color: Black

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