Taulman3D Nylon 230 Lower Printing Temperature Filament

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Nylon 230 is the fist nylon ever developed to be printed around 230°C, a lower temperature than any other 3D Printing Nylon, and does not require a heated print bed. Many current 3D printers use teflon (PTFE) liners in the heated ends of the extruders. When subject to temperatures over 250°C, PTFE begins to break down and can emit potentially harmful fumes. Printers using this design are usually limited to PLA and ABS plastics with an extrusion temperatures in the 180°C-240°C range. With the release of Nylon 230 Taulman3D provides owners of PLA only, or PLA and ABS only 3D printers to add high strength Nylon to their list of material choices. 

Potential uses:

  • Gears - light load
  • Fan blades
  • Housings
  • Phone covers
  • Protective covers/enclosures.
  • Cosmetics containers

1 lb. spools

 Nylon 230                                                              
Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 230°C - 235°C
Recommended Nozzle size: Any Size

Recommended Print Speed:

Equivalent to 80% of regular ABS speeds

Recommended Retraction Settings:

1mm per 0.1mm of nozzle diameter

(ie. 5mm retraction when using a 0.5mm diameter nozzle)

Recommended Print Surface:

Hot - GeckoTek EZ-STIK HOT heated to 30-50°C or glass heated to 45°C with a coat of PVA glue

Cold - Buildtak with a coat of PVA glue


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