V-Slot™ Gantry Plates

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V-Slot Gantry Plates are available in two sizes.

  1. Universal (20mm - 80mm) - This plate was designed to fit on all standard V-Slot sizes. It's a great plate to have and use on your builds!
  2. 20mm - This plate was designed to be used when a smaller, lighter plate is desired on the 20mm side of V-Slot. This plate is great when full size wheels are preferred along with a smaller foot print needed.
To simplify belt clamping, OpenBuilds incorporated 'Fold-Through' Slots to allow you to easily fold the timing belt teeth back onto themselves and either zip tie or clamp them in place. OpenBuilds also added two 5mm slots that allow you to attach spacers for 90 degree belt mounts under or on top of the plate as well. This simplifies the overall building process and allows for quicker assembly times.
    • Gantry Plate Only
    • 6063-T6 Aluminum
    • Black Anodized Finish
    • 3mm~ (1/8") Thick

NOTE: There are a lot of possible mounting configurations for these plates so please be sure to look at all the example model builds.

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