Xtension Limit Switch Kit

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Xtension Limit Switches are perfect for your CNC build where homing, boundary, or security interlock switches are needed.

The integrated Xtension Connector allows you to create an easy to connect plug-in system.  


  • Onboard Noise Filtering RC Filter to prevent false triggers
  • Roller Style Lever
  • Onboard Xtension 3 Pin connector
  • Onboard LED when Triggered
  • Installs at any location along the V-Slot channel.


  • (1) OpenBuilds Limit Switch PCB
  • (1) Set Xtension conector Male/Female
  • (1) Mounting Hardware Set


  • Input Voltage:  5-24v
  • Configuration:  Normally Open
  • Mounting:  M5 Through Hole with Slot Washer, Reversible
  • Dimensions:  43mm x 15.3mm x 10mm
  • Color:  Black with Red LED and Red Roller Switch lever

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