XYZ Touch Probe Plus

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You will get the perfect 0,0,0 results before starting your CNC operation with the new XYZ Touch Probe Plus!

A touch-plate for zeroing out the Z-height before starting a CNC cut is extremely helpful for many users. This is especially important when carving with V bits or doing precision work like making circuit boards. The XYZ Touch Probe Plus from OpenBuilds takes this a step further by also allowing you to easily zero out the X and Y axis to the corner of your material. This makes it much easier and quicker to align your CNC machine to the work-piece you are about to cut.
The XYZ Touch Probe Plus boasts high-quality nickel coated aluminum machined to 0.1mm (0.003") tolerance. It plugs directly into the OpenBuilds BlackBox Motion Control System and is fully integrated into the free OpenBuilds CONTROL software. The XYZ Touch Probe Plus wizard will get your setup with one click! It is also compatible with many other 3rd party CNC controllers that support touch probes.

It’s a real time saver and an amazingly useful tool and for all of your CNC projects.
The written documentation and user's guide can be found here.


  • Accurately find your material position in XYZ coordinates
  • Magnet for easy tool contact
  • Find your Z height after a tool change
  • End mill Diameter Calibration
  • Convenient LED's to indicate contact
  • Easy connection to the BlackBox Motion Control System via Xtension connector
  • OpenBuilds CONTROL easy probe wizard with tons of features
  • What is Included


  • (1) XYZ Touch Probe Plus
  • (1) XYZ Touch Probe Magnet
  • (1) 7' Xtension Wire
  • Product Specifications


  • Size: 54mmx54mmx12mm (not including connector)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Machined to 0.1mm tolerance, coating thickness 2um
  • Compatible with GRBL and other 3rd party CNC controllers/firmwares that support touch-contact probes, , for example Duet, Reprap, Mach4 and LinuxCNC

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