M5 Threaded Drill/Tap

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This M5 Drill & Tap combo is a time saver because it allows you to both drill and tap holes at the same time! Whether you need to tap the end holes of V-Slot, C-Beam, or tap a plate, these taps work great. They make the job super simple and are designed to be used with bit drivers or drills that use a standard hex drive.

Note - If using a power drill/driver you will want to be sure that your drill is set on it's lowest speed and highest torque settings. To avoid breaking the tap, keep it perpendicular to the plate or inline with the hole and drive it in slowly. Let the tap pull itself forward and do not force it. Stop and change reverse the drill/driver's direction every few turns to break up any chips being formed by the cutting process. Repeat the cycle until you reach the desired depth. Cutting oil is recommended to increase the lifespan of the tap and to make the process even smoother.

  • Cuts M5x0.8mm Threads
  • High Speed Steel
  • 1/4" Hex drive
  • Not recommended for use on steel or other ferrous or hardened metals.

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