Graphic Controller Adapter for RAMBo-based Boards

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This adapter is used to connect the Full Graphic Smart Contoller or other compatible controllers to the RAMBo (RepRap Arduino-compatible Mother Board) board used in many 3D printers. The adapter included with most Full Graphic Controllers is designed to work with RAMPS based boards and will not connect to the RAMBo board. This adapter's connectors plug right into the headers on the RAMBo board, and the graphic displays plugs right into the adapter with 2 ribbon cables. This adapter is for full sized boards. The Mini-RAMBo boards do not require an adaptor.

(Note: Displays and/or adapters from different manufacturers sometimes have the ribbon cable sockets reversed. If using displays and adaptors from different sources you may have to turn both ribbon cable connections 180°. This can be done easily by either filing off the tab on the ribbon cable, or cutting a new slot on the opposite side of the ribbon connector socket.)


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