Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller

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The RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller allows compatible 3D printers to print from a SD card (not included) without needing to be connected to a computer or laptop. In addition the controller can be used to:

  • Calibrate and tune your 3D printer (steps/mm, nozzle temperature, bed temperature, print speed, flow rate, PID tuning, fan speed, acceleration, and more.
  • Manually position each axis
  • Manually extrude filament

It features a 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display, SD card reader, a rotary encoder, and built in buzzer. 

Includes two (2) ribbon cables and an adapter for connecting directly to a RAMPs style board. Adapters for RAMBo and Sanguinololu based boards are also available.

(Note: Your printer must be using "Marlin" or other compatible firmware to use this controller. Enabling the controller may require you to make changes to the firmware to your printer. More information can be found here. )

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