High Z Mod for Lead 1010 CNC

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The High Z modification for the OpenBuilds LEAD CNC 1010 brings your creative capabilities to new heights!


Looking to carve materials thicker than 2 inches thick on your LEAD CNC 1010 Router? With 8" of clearance this upgrade kit can be adapted easily to your existing LEAD CNC machine. The structural design is rigid and capable of milling through hard woods, plastics, foam, and more. The sky is the limit with your LEAD CNC, and its time to take your projects to the next level! 


  • 8” clearance compared to 2” for working with thicker materials.
  • Combined with long endmills this kit will allow for much deeper 2D & 3D carvings!


  • All the necessary Parts to assemble this upgrade. (Complete part list HERE) 
  • We have our OpenBuilds CNC Bundles shipped to our customers directly from OpenBuilds' warehouse so that our customers always receive the most up to date versions of the kits and components!

(NOTE: Requires the buyer to already have or purchase the OpenBuilds LEAD CNC 1010 Machine Bundle. This kit is not intended for use with the LEAD 1515 model as many of the kits additional parts are already included in the LEAD 1515 design. To extend the LEAD 1515's Z height one only has to purchase longer extrusions for the two side rails, Z axis, and a longer LEAD screw.)

(Additional note: OpenBuilds recommends the use of softer materials, such as wood and foam when using an extra-long cutting bits. However, you can lower the Z axis down and cut harder materials with shorter/standard endmills just like the stock LEAD CNC.)

Assembly Instructions and Videos:  

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