Tension Nut for 8mm Lead Screw

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Eliminate "screw whip" on long Lead Screw transmissions with the OpenBuilds Tension Nuts!


This brass tension nut will allow you to apply tension to the OpenBuilds custom Lead Screws when used with the OpenBuilds' C-Beam Motor Mount platesF688ZZ Flanged Bearings, and 8mm Thrust Bearings. Placing the Lead Screw under slight tension eliminates the whipping action at high speeds that can occur on long screws that are installed under slight compression. The tension nuts have a steel M5 set screw to ensure a no-slip connection when set in the desired position. The tension nuts are also very similar in size to the 8mm lock collars, and can be substituted for the standard smooth bore lock collar in designs using the OpenBuilds Lead Screws for added security.



  • (1) Tension Nut
  • (1) Steel Set Screw


  • OD:            13mm Hex nut
  • Height:       6.5mm
  • Thread:      Tr8*8
  • Material:    Brass/ Steel set screw

"This design incorporates OpenBuilds, LLC design work(s) shared Open Source under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License."  

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