Popular Diode Laser Engraver compatible parts

The inexpensive diode laser engravers offered by companies like Ortur, NEJE, EleksMaker, and others have become very popular in the maker community. A lot of users of these machines are new to the popular V-wheel/V-slot™ extrusion design created by OpenBuilds and are unaware of where to purchase various replacement parts for repair, modifications, or upgrades. Therefore we decided to compile this collection of OpenBuilds and 20mm series compatible parts we sell to help those users find what they are looking for. Some of the parts in this collection may be drop-in replacements for these popular machines, and other parts listed may be compatible upgrades for modifications/replacements. This is meant to be a broad collection of popular parts for several different machines designs so please take the time to measure the parts on your machine and/or reach out to us if these is a question about compatibility for a specific part.

This is a small selection of the parts we carry. For a full list of the machine components we carry please visit this page instead.

Looking for diode lasers or laser safety shielding? Check out the selection available from our friends over at J-Tech Photonics

Looking to build your own Diode Laser engraver? Consider building one from OpenBuilds parts using the OpenBuilds ACRO plate set.

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